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If you are looking forward in making a website, but not willing to pay, and without any knowledge of coding, then this is the app for you.

If your a very social person, then this is the app for you, it gives you a shortcut for all your social networks that you love to use.

If you love to know whats going on in the world, then this is the app for you. It has all the latest news going on. For example the ugliest dog in the world died on thanks giving.

Now remember that these are just the apps i created that i think you should try out and give feed back on what i need to improve on the guest book section.

Websites for recommended android apps.

These are the links for the websites.

This will give you all the games and apps you want for free.

This will get you black market apps, which are really helpful.

This is a good site with lots of good games and apps for you to download

This is a freeware site for great downloads.

This what i will recommend if you want really good apps and games.

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Now if you are looking forward in getting apps for your PC, then click the buttons for information about how to get apps on your PC. And yes it is very much possible to get apps and games on your PC, it doesn't matter what kind of PC that you have, you can still get all the wonderful games and apps you play and use on your phones or tablets.



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To download some recommended PC apps/games, then click, an app or game you want, listed at the bottom.

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PC downloads

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